Church view on GMOs

The Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) keeps a close watch on scientific discoveries and has at times published statements on topics regarding genetics. In his 1990 World Day of Peace message, Pope John Paul II announced that he did not prohibit the use of genetic modification for food. He insisted however that it be controlled by society and that we safeguard the integrity of creation, respect life of all forms, and uphold human dignity. More recently, in 2009, the church launched a study on GMOs sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, where they came to a favourable conclusion about GMOs, stating them as helpful to improving the lives of the poor [6].


2 Responses to Church view on GMOs

  1. sagan121 says:

    I did not realize that the church approved of genetically modified organisms. this is an interesting fact as i always believed that the church prohibited such actions because it would tamper with gods creations. Do you believe that if livestock were genetically modified the church would have the same opinion?

  2. arobb33 says:

    Document in support of GMOs

    The church has approved GMOs, but still believes that more knowledge should be acquired on the issue. The church is not going against GMOs at all, but is being very cautious in their support. Since the church has been very critical about embryo modification it is hard to believe they would support livestock modification. But in the same sense, improved livestock would in turn be beneficial to human life world wide, “aiding the poor” as in the GMO statement. As science becomes a more powerful resource, it is hard to know what improvements will alter the world, and what stance the church will take. Being more traditional, I believe church support of GMOs is a big step in the modernization of the church, and their support for advanced modification could continue if seen as beneficial.

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